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A constellation of the finest hotels, Capella Hotels and Resorts needed a revamp of their brand and digital presence. My colleagues and I conducted intensive research and worked closely with Construct London over 2 years. We wanted to translate their nuanced vision and direction for the re-brand onto the web while keeping to industry best practices.

Project Type

Research, Web Design, Project Management, Content Population



Competitor research and analysis

Unlike standard travel destination websites, Capella’s global homepage was intended to illustrate the philosophy behind the global brand. My team and I audited 9 competitor websites to identify emotional and functional design elements, with the aim of striking a balance between both.

My specific role was to audit for search-engine optimisation (SEO) best practices by analysing use of H1 to H6 headings etc and to check the speed of page loading times.

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The website was given an editorial feel while maintaining functions key to the industry, such as ease of browsing and booking rooms. ‘Capella Culture’ was highlighted through articles that elevated the brand while increasing search engine optimisation (SEO). Keen attention was given to User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) to ensure an enchanting portal that nonetheless conveyed necessary information like locations and amenities.

All of this was supported by a streamlined and robust back end system for easy staff maintenance.


Project highlight

The most hardworking page of this website is the destination-specific homepage. Designed for many functions, it displays key information like room types, user-generated content to show authentic experiences, promotional material, as well as awards and accolades for social proof, alongside a recognisable and consistent call to action (CTA) button to drive conversions.


Amidst the northern sky’s stellar clusters, Capella is the brightest star of the Auriga constellation. This powerful light is the inspiration and impetus behind the Capella Hotel Group: a formation of the finest hotels and resorts in the world.


Optimum performance

While videos are powerful and emotive, they increase page load times. As a workaround, we used short teaser videos self-hosted on the server to maintain an emotional factor while reducing HTTP requests.

Additionally, layout was optimised and fully responsive on smaller devices with the use of cards and tabs.


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