Nineteen floors above ground, [email protected] was voted one of the best rooftop bars in Singapore. Offering Japanese, French, and Chinese cuisine alongside a stunning view of the city skyline.


The challenge was on us to transform a regular website into something as captivating as the dine-in experience.

My team and I envisioned a photo-driven website featuring excellent food photography. A full reshoot was done, giving us the opportunity to conceptualise an art direction.

Project Type

Web Design, Content Population



Approach and Direction

Keeping to the theme of stunning views with delicious food, full-bleed images were used to mirror the sweeping views in the restaurant.

We chose top flat-lay views of elegant plating that are popular and familiar with viewers while close-up images add texture and colour. Fresh ingredients were peppered and showcased on a marble surface to evoke grandeur, sophistication, and elegance.


Marketing best practices

Content was not compromised.

Multiple cuisines are showcased through a mini gallery accompanied by consistent and a prominent call to action (CTA) button leading to menus. A quick access “Gallery” button is available for users who wish to view more photos and find out more. On a separate page, a well-curated gallery featuring interiors, details, and dishes helps to convey the overall atmosphere while keeping the focus on food.

To build trust and authenticity, we used a social media aggregator to draw user-generated content from the restaurant’s Instagram and Facebook hashtags under the “Happenings” page. With more content coming in at real time, users are expected to stay on the website for longer.

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Disclaimer: All works and images belong to their respective owners.

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