Origin Ubud


In the heart of Ubud, overlooking Pura Dalem Gede Temple, stands Origin Ubud, a strikingly modern collection of 8 private villas designed by award-winning architecture studio, Studiogoto.

Project Type

Branding, Web Design, Development




The brand identity of Origin Ubud should show its sleek and modern design while alluding to the lush greenery at the destination.

A slate grey was chosen, calling to mind both the concrete of the villas and the carved stone of the nearby temple. Inspired by the natural elements in Ubud, I complemented grey with a shade of green and burlap.

To accompany these earthy colours, the brand logo and font were primarily based on the geometric font Futura, tempered with the more humanist Gill Sans.

PANTONE - 447 U, PANTONE - 5753 U & PANTONE - 125 U

Approach and Direction

The intended look and feel of Origin Ubud is one of solace and tranquility amid dense greenery. Using L'Estrange London and Katamama as references, I chose an unconventional layout with a non-uniform, organic tiling of visuals. This breaks the monotony of rectangular elements. Subtle, non-intrusive animation adds a touch of sophistication.

Paying homage to the brand name, 'Origin', the website begins with the architect's original vision and inspiration, which alludes to grey, one of the brand colours.

Photos were desaturated to exude the intended mood. The brand's colours of grey, green, and brown complement the large, captivating images of the modern villas nested in greenery. Photos are emphasised, text is minimised.


Increasing average session durations

“Within & Around” is an in-depth exploration of local culture and cuisine. Intended for both low- and high-intent visitors, a dedicated page was built with a map for easy browsing and an immersive experience. “Local Info” provides essential information like time and temperature for the most high-intent visitors.

Driving conversions

A call to action (CTA) button was prominently displayed to increase conversions. For visitors who were not ready to book immediately, related content was showcased to keep them engaged and allow them to get to know the brand and products while spending a longer time on the website.


Unified mobile experience

Despite the unconventional layout, the design works flawlessly on smaller devices such as tablets and phones. This is because I have intentionally planned and placed every component of the layout for non-desktop users.

Thus, mobile users will still see a 1-column layout with no missing elements and share the same experience as desktop users.


Disclaimer: All works and images belong to their respective owners.

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