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Website Revamp

Focus on recreating the in-person museum experience online. highlight the antiquities and art collections

The Asian Civilisations Museum is a pioneering institution in the region, specializing in the rich tapestry of pan-Asian cultures and civilisations. The museum focuses on the material history of China, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and West Asia, which collectively represent the diverse ethnic groups tracing their ancestry in Singapore.


National Heritage Board


User Experience Designer


2021 - 2021

After image of Asian Civilisation Museum website visual design After
Before image of Asian Civilisation Museum website wireframe Before

Project Objectives

Transformative Digital Hub

Revolutionising the ACM website into a dynamic digital hub, seamlessly blending and showcasing both current and upcoming online projects alongside onsite offerings.

Innovative Digital Engagement

Unveiling ACM’s digital strategy, the commitment is to promote, engage, and make innovative, creative, and insightful content easily accessible to the audience.

Measurable Impact, Memorable Experiences

ACM's website redesign is not just a visual overhaul; it’s a strategic move to boost overall traffic, increase page views, engage users with digital content, and ensure more meaningful interactions.

Early Insights

To better understand and identify gaps in the overall experience, some notable activities included organising focus group discussions & surveys, conducting web audits and crafting overall persona and user journey mapping.

Things we found through our discovery sessions

Cultural Bridges

The best museums facilitate learning across a variety of cultures that leads to tolerance and appreciation for others

Socially Motivated

Respondents visit with someone else – partner, family, kids or friends close to 80% of the time

Unified Identity

Consistent look and feel with a strong design representation of the museum's identity

Hybrid Museums

Digital could at best complement, but not replace the physical experience in a museum

Curated Essentials

94% of respondents list a museum website having curated, bite-sized content as important or very important

Exhibit Teasers

The landing page sparks excitement for upcoming exhibitions and offers a glimpse of ongoing exhibits to anticipate

So, what did we do next?


The eventual outcome of the pandemic necessitated a more 'pandemic-proof' solution, allowing for both physical and digital visits to the museum. The overall approach should balance and complement the experience without rendering the website redundant.

Information Architecture & Exploration

Information Architecture & Exploration



Visual Design

Visual Design




Impact and statistics are currently pending. Watch this space!


increase in monthly average time spent per visit on the website
increase in monthly active users on iOS
increase in monthly active users on Android
Hero image of Asian Civilisation Museum case study


Navigating Government Guidelines and Design Systems

Strict guidelines when working with government security limitations and specific design systems

Stakeholder Alignment Gaps

Certain stages of the review or process didn't include the relevant stakeholders which caused a misalignment of the project team's needs.

Fully remote work at the height of the pandemic

Project done exclusively remotely at the start of the pandemic, which included focus group discussions, surveys, design reviews, etc.

Key Takeaways

Pain Points Guide Design

Focus group discussion insights were useful in gathering the pain points which helped set the overall experience and design direction.

Seamless Project Collaboration

Close partnership and collaboration allowed for clear direction and understanding of the requirements and seamless handovers between the project team and the client.

Tailored Documentation Balance

Providing the 'right' balance of documentation, tailored to the project size, was sufficient and not overwhelming for the project team to handle

Photo of family friendly activity at Asian Civilisation Museum

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