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A selection of brands that I’ve worked with

In my earlier role as a Visual Designer & Developer, I’ve been given the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most desirable brands in hospitality, property development, architecture and lifestyle sectors. Other sectors include non-profit organisations, education and e-commerce. Some notable clients include: Capella Hotels & Resorts, Guoco Tower and Warner Music Singapore.


Various Clients


Visual Designer & Developer


2015 - 2020

Brand logos of all past clients work

Capella Hotels & Resorts

The Capella Hotels and Resorts project was a comprehensive two-year initiative aimed at revamping the brand's digital presence. The project, which involved intensive research, web design, project management, and content population, sought to translate Capella's nuanced vision into an engaging online platform. A key focus was on balancing emotional and functional design elements, informed by an audit of nine competitor websites. Special attention was given to SEO best practices, user interface, and user experience, resulting in an editorial-style website that seamlessly combined captivating storytelling with industry-standard functions like room booking.

The destination-specific homepage emerged as the site's most hardworking page, showcasing key information, user-generated content, promotional material, and awards, all tied together with a consistent call-to-action button. The back-end system was streamlined for easy staff maintenance, and the layout optimised for responsiveness on smaller devices, ensuring optimum performance across all user experiences.

Origin Ubud

The Origin Ubud project entailed the branding, web design, and development for a collection of 8 private villas situated in Ubud. The brand identity was crafted to mirror the sleek modern design of the villas and the lush greenery of the surrounding area, with a colour palette inspired by natural elements and a logo based on geometric and humanist fonts. The website aimed to evoke a sense of tranquillity, using an unconventional layout and subtle animations to break the monotony of traditional designs.

Photos were desaturated to complement the brand's colours and text was minimised to emphasise the captivating images. A dedicated page exploring local culture and cuisine was created to engage visitors and increase session durations, while a prominently displayed call-to-action button aimed to drive conversions. Despite the unconventional layout, the design was optimised for mobile devices, ensuring a unified experience across all platforms.


The ME@OUE (now known as VUE) project involved transforming the website of a renowned rooftop bar in Singapore into an engaging platform that mirrors its captivating dine-in experience. The project focused on web design and content population, with a vision for a photo-driven website featuring high-quality food photography. Full-bleed images were used to reflect the restaurant's sweeping views, while top flat-lay views and close-ups of elegant plating added texture and colour.

To maintain the focus on the cuisine, a mini gallery was created with a consistent call-to-action button leading to menus. A separate well-curated gallery showcased the restaurant's interiors, details, and dishes. To enhance authenticity, user-generated content from social media was incorporated under the "Happenings" page, encouraging users to spend more time on the site. The result was a sophisticated and elegant online presence that truly encapsulated the grandeur of the ME@OUE experience.

Guoco Tower Gateway

The Guoco Tower project involved creating GT Gateway, an engaging online platform for tenants and residents of Singapore's tallest building. The project encompassed branding, web design, electronic mailer design, and collaterals design. The new GT Gateway logo was crafted to resonate with the parent brand while establishing a unique identity that tenants could identify with. The web platform was designed to be easily navigable, allowing users to discover events of interest and connect further through a lifestyle and community blog.

A short-term campaign, "Small Bites Explosive Flavours", was launched to boost visitorship of F&B outlets at Guoco Tower, involving an Instagram photo contest and a brochure showcasing anchor F&B tenants. The campaign was also launched digitally with a webpage designed to maximise participation by enticing users with gift vouchers, free parking, and family-friendly activities. User-generated content from the Instagram photo contest was spotlighted to promote authenticity, build trust, and drive sales at participating outlets.

9 Namly Grove

The 9 Namly Grove project involved creating a tranquil online presence for a bespoke home designed as an oasis. The project encompassed web design, development, electronic mailer design, and product photography. The website was designed to reflect the tranquillity of the home, using full-bleed visuals, soft earthy colours, and a mix of serif and sans serif fonts. The print brochure complemented the website, featuring bronze foil stamping, embossed outlines of the home's facade, and photos shot by the team. The homepage served as an overview of the property, incorporating a quote from the architect and highlighting the lush greenery and fine dining options in the surrounding area.

The layout of the page and use of images were deliberately planned to guide the viewer from the exterior to the interior of the home. Each aspect of the home was addressed in a different section, with leading lines and generous breathing space used to avoid overwhelming readers. The mobile version of the website was given equal attention, with clear navigation and contrast between elements ensuring a user-friendly browsing experience. The result was a digital platform that beautifully encapsulated the essence of 9 Namly Grove as a foundation for a new legacy.

Disclaimer: All works and images belong to their respective owners.