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glo™ glo™

Website Revamp

Establish a seamless and integrated end to end digital experience to improve consumer journey

At glo™, they are dedicated to crafting A Better Tomorrow through innovative design. Their tobacco heating devices are designed with cutting-edge Advanced Heat Technology, utilising induction heating for a superior and satisfying experience, steering away from conventional burning methods.


Brand 'B'


User Experience Designer


2021 - 2021

After image of Discover glo website visual design After
Before image of Discover glo website wireframe Before

Project Objectives

Seamless Digital Journey

Crafting an integrated digital experience for traditional smokers and existing glo™ users to streamline the consumer journey, enhance awareness, and boost conversion rates.

Enhancing glo™ Brand Perception

Elevating the perception of the glo™ brand through a comprehensive digital strategy, aimed at improving brand image and increasing product adoption both online and offline.

Optimising Conversion and Uptake

Focusing on increasing product uptake by simplifying the consumer journey, driving conversions, and strategically positioning glo™'s offerings for both online and offline channels.

Early Insights

With low conversions and retention identified as key issues, our first step was to comprehend the existing pain points experienced by users. To achieve this, we re-enacted key flows, including sign-ups and checkout processes, while conducting a comprehensive audit of the overall experience, focusing on components and presented information.

Things we found through our discovery sessions

Age Gate

Verification of ages, necessitated by country laws, leads to the implementation of different forms of age gates—either soft or hard—to prevent unauthorised access

Content Discoverability

Balancing product-related information to foster education and awareness is a recurring theme across various touchpoints.

Broken Experience

Utilising multiple platforms/technologies, coupled with disjointed flows, results in notable friction and increased drop-offs in user experience

Varied Components

Abundant use of components, lacking consistency, contributes to significant brand misalignment

So, what did we do next?


In addressing the challenge of integrating two brands into a unified site as part of the brand's future plans, we needed to take into account scalability and reusability of the design, templates and components.

User Flows & Component Mapping

User Flows & Component Mapping



Visual Design & User Testing

Visual Design & User Testing




reduction in bounce rate
increase in button clicks per visit
increase in cart addition per unique visitor

*Based on six months pre and post revamp

Hero image of Discover glo case study


Streamlining Brand 'B's Cross-Category Experience

Addressing the challenge of delivering a cohesive cross-category experience for Brand 'B's multiple brands.

Forging Digital Brand Consistency

Multiple newsroom and editorial requirements, along with platforms and feasibility considerations

Navigating Platform Framework Challenges

Tackling feasibility issues arising from the use of multiple platform frameworks like AEM, Magento, etc., to ensure a more cohesive digital strategy.

Key Takeaways

Flexible Design, Clear Guidelines

Balancing flexibility with structured guidelines for effective design outcomes

User-Driven Decisions for Rapid Progress

Accelerating project advancement by incorporating real user feedback through testing

Clear Documentation for Project Clarity

Enhancing project understanding through meticulous documentation of decisions, meeting notes, and discussions for long-term clarity

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