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Website & Platform Revamp

Transforming and elevating the content consumption experience

Mediacorp is Singapore’s leading media company with the most complete range of platforms, spanning television, radio, newspapers, magazines, movies, digital and out-of-home media.




User Experience Designer


2020 - 2021


Gold — Best News Website/Mobile Service
Silver — Website Redesign

After image of Mediacorp website visual design After
Before image of Mediacorp website wireframe Before

Project Objectives

Comprehensive Redesign: Transforming Mediacorp's 8 News Brands

Revamping news websites and mobile apps for 8 Mediacorp brands to elevate content consumption experiences.

User-Centric Focus: Creating Delightful Content Interfaces

Crafting engaging and intuitive interfaces to make news consumption more enjoyable and visually appealing.

Editorial Efficiency: Unified CMS for Streamlined Workflows

Implementing a single Content Management System (CMS) to enhance editorial processes across all 8 brands, improving content creation and publication efficiencies.

Early Insights

We conducted a 2-day Design Thinking workshop, performed experience audits of their current and competitor's websites, and crafted a vision journey inclusive of personas for them to visualise an ideal experience.

Things we found through our discovery sessions

Quality Reads

Content is king, quality and quantity of news content matter to readers

Ease of reading

Crafting an experience that allows readers to find content easily

Clean Structure

Organising news content in a clean structure enhances the flow of reading

Trusted Content

Foster trust with readers through reliable, community-validated content

Bite-sized News

Presenting news in a storytelling format that caters to time-pressed readers


Implementing thoughtful taxonomy to increase the discoverability of content

So, what did we do next?


After thoroughly understanding the user needs and pain points, and considering features required for both the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and future states, we devised data-driven solutions. These solutions aim to optimise and enhance the overall experience, irrespective of the platform the user is reading on.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture



Visual Design

Visual Design

Logic & Documentation

Logic & Documentation


increase in monthly average time spent per visit on the website
increase in monthly active users on iOS
increase in monthly active users on Android
Hero image of Mediacorp website case study


Unifying user experience and visual design for cohesion

Working with multiple brand identities, yet still creating a cohesive design language and CMS experience

Balancing diverse stakeholder requirements

Multiple newsroom and editorial requirements, along with platforms and feasibility considerations

Fully remote work at the height of the pandemic

Project done exclusively remotely at the start of the pandemic, which included workshops with clients, stakeholder interviews, design reviews, etc.

Key Takeaways

Guidelines for Successful Deployment

Given the scale of use, designing for flexibility while providing restrictions and clear guidelines is critical in the success of handoffs and rollout

User-Centric Validation

Testing with real users can help validate and make decisions for the project to move forward much quicker​

Collaboration for Clarity

Clear documentation of decision points, meeting notes and discussions to ensure greater alignment and reduced misunderstandings over a long-term and large-scale project with numerous teams​

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Dive into the heart of what makes us proud. Here, we pay tribute to the remarkable achievements of our team, showcasing excellence in this project, initiative, and collaboration.



World Association of News Publishers Digital Media Awards Worldwide 2022 — Best News Website/Mobile Service

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W3 Awards 2021 — Website Redesign

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"We are highly pleased with the team’s work and appreciate the effort the team has put in... the solutions shared are deeply thought through and do help address a lot of concerns our teams have."

"We are highly pleased with the team’s work and appreciate the effort the team has put in... the solutions shared are deeply thought through and do help address a lot of concerns our teams have."

Mediacorp Editorial Team

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