Guoco Tower Gateway


Standing 290 metres high, Guoco Tower is the tallest building in Singapore, an iconic integrated development in the heart of CBD to work, live, and play in.

The GT Gateway was imagined as a dynamic and engaging online platform for tenants and residents to keep up to date with activities, connect with one another, and thrive in the vibrant culture at Guoco Tower.


As a brand, GT Gateway needed to exude the ethos of Guoco Tower as a one-stop hub for working, living, and playing. At the same time, it needed a unique identity that served its function of a community platform, one that tenants could identify with.

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Project Type

Branding, Web Design, Electronic Mailer Design, Collaterals Design




To associate the new GT Gateway logo with the parent brand, I reused elements of the original Guoco Tower logo to craft new lettering. I highlighted 'G' and 'T' in the new logo to create a distinctive brand that could still be easily affiliated with Guoco Tower.

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I wanted the GT Gateway platform to exude the culture of Guoco Tower and also to be easily navigable for users. Users should be able to easily discover events that interest them.

Above the fold, I highlighted the upcoming event front and centre. I also included a pared down menu using Guoco Tower's 'Work', 'Live', and 'Play' as section headers.

Users can choose which sections interest them most without scrolling, thus streamlining information while reinforcing the affiliation with Guoco Tower. The section 'Online' was added to house a lifestyle and community blog, encouraging further connection.

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Electronic direct mailer (EDM)

Designed to be visuals-driven, concise, and mobile-friendly, the EDM featured captivating images, concise copy, and clear calls to action (CTA) buttons. I used the standard 600 pixels maximum width to account for neat stacking in a responsive layout. A social media section was included in every EDM to drive traffic and increase brand awareness.


Short-term campaign

“Small Bites Explosive Flavours” was a short-term campaign I worked on to boost visitorship of F&B outlets at Guoco Tower, whose business dipped over the weekends.


The campaign was launched with an Instagram photo contest: users were encouraged to dine in at a participating outlet, snap photos, and hashtag them.

For the brochure, I incorporated the idea of foodstagramming with polaroids on a tabletop showcasing anchor F&B tenants. The goal of the brochure was to be informative while encouraging participation with event highlights.



The campaign was also launched digitally with a webpage. I carefully considered the layout and hierarchy of information to maximise participation:

1. Hook: Entice users with gift vouchers and free parking

2. Hook: Family-friendly activities were also featured for those not enticed by F&B

3. User-Generated Content: Entries from the Instagram photo contest were spotlighted to promote authenticity, build trust, and drive sales at participating outlets


Disclaimer: All works and images belong to their respective owners.

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